Simplecast Created a Movable Audio Engine

Simplecast has created a Movable Audio Engine. It is a new platform that offers a unique answer to dynamic audio and ad insertion.

Simplecast’s Moveable Audio Engine, (MAE, pronounced just like May) allows publishers to dynamically deliver advertisements and host-read content, a personalized show opening for a geographic region, or back catalog promotions to first-time listeners. We don’t call it DAI because, well, it is becoming so much more.

CEO of Simplecast Brad Smith wrote that in the coming months, MAE will integrate with Simplecast’s previously mentioned patent-pending listener measurement, allowing publishers to deliver dynamic content based on cross-podcast listening behavior and content preferences, while also providing the foundation for Simplecast’s attribution measurement tools.

Brad Smith continues with: Where standard ad delivery requires standard ad practices, MAE arrives fully-featured – ready to deliver advertisements to pre, mid or post-rolls. Set multiple markers, stack ads to compete based on priority, run in order or randomized, even deliver your impressions evenly paced or as fast as possible. If there’s a buzzword you desire, MAE will have you covered.

MAE 1.0 began rolling out to Simplecast for Enterprise plans in late February, and will continue throughout the spring. If you’re a Pro or Enterprise client, and MAE is not yet available in your dashboard, you can expect Simplecast to be in touch shortly.

This summer, MAE will arrive in Simplecast’s Essential and Growth plans, unlocking a wide swath of dynamic audio (not just ads) for independent creators everywhere.