Blubbry Highlighted Women Podcasters in March

Blubrry highlighted multiple womxn podcasters in March, which is when Women’s History Month takes place. They asked people to nominate their favorite women podcasters and received over 4,800 nominations in 18 days. From this unexpectedly large batch of nominations, Blubrry selected an overall winner and a list of the top ten.

Podcasting has significantly grown in recent years and so has the number of women content creators. To ensure this number continues to grow and that women feel empowered and appreciated, we held this contest, which offered free hosting, Blubrry swag, an interview and being featured on our blog.

The overall winner is Alie Ward, for her show Ologies with Alie Ward. She interviews experts in a variety of fields that all specialize in some type of ology. Her “stupid questions” (as she calls them) with these professionals prompt loads of entertaining answers on a range of topics – skeletons, ice-quakes, bleach, ants, noses and much more.

Here are the Top 10 (in no particular order):