Libsyn Added Headliner Integration

Libsyn has added Headliner integration in Libsyn Platform 4.23. Lisbyn added Headliner integration after many users asked for it.

Headliner is an awesome web app that allows you to import your media into their system and generate nifty video clips that can include all kinds of features such as wave forms, text, colors, and even transcription. You can download the video to use as you wish, or have them send it off to places like Facebook for you.

This new integration will appear as a widget right on your dashboard so you’ll see it when you log in. Pick the episode you want to send and off to Headliner you go to finish out your clip!

Libsyn users need to be aware that Headliner currently only supports MP3 and M4A files.

There is a helpful FAQ for those who want to learn how to use Headliner. Here are a few key pieces of information from the FAQ:

Any plan at Libsyn, from their $5 plans on up, have full access to Headliner integration.

The free account offers up to 10 video clips created each month. After 10 clips, additional clips will be watermarked with a Headliner watermark. Transcription is included. Social media distribution is included. Videos exported up to 1080p resolution.

The Headliner Pro account runs $12.95 per month and is billed through Headliner (not through your Libsyn account). This gives you everything available in the free account, removing the 10 video clip limit and adding the ability to use your own custom watermarks. It also gives you access to stock images and video, reusable templates, intros and outros, custom font support and priority customer service.

There are higher tiered accounts available as well, depending on you needs, but to reiterate, the Libsyn integration will work with any Libsyn plan level and any Headliner plan level.