Podcross Wants to Help Podcasters Promote Their Shows

Podcross believes that promoting your show on other podcasts is the best way to grow your audience. They want to help you to do that by providing marketing tips and more!

Podcross explains how it works this way:

This website is a tool for podcast producers to advertise and market their shows on other targeted podcasts. Producers can join the Podcross network for free to search, reach out and collaborate with other registered producers. Producers can also take it up a notch and pay to gain access to large audiences on some of the world’s biggest podcast networks via our PRO section. Podcross can also help you execute your trailer. Awesome, right?

To begin, a podcaster needs to fill out a form on the Podcross website. It asks for your podcast title, podcast genre, a summary of your podcast, the name of the producer of the podcast, contact details, number of listeners per episode, an ideal collaborator for cross-promotion, and your URL.

Pocross also has a page filled with tips from “people who know a thing or two.” Those tips come from: Discover Pods, Castos, Blubrry, Spreaker, and PodNews.