PodFavs Helps You Find Your Next Favorite Podcast

PodFavs is a community created for and by podcasters. Their mission is to help podcast listeners find their next favorite podcast. This might be very useful for people who are under “stay at home” orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, and who have already listened to all of the podcasts they downloaded before the crisis started.

We want people at a glance to see a new podcast, learn about new podcast, discover new podcast or be reminded of a podcast that has been forgotten. And with only a glance, our visitors should be able to see whether or not a podcast is worth the time investment. We also hope to connect the passion of podcasters with the passions of podcast listeners and enrich the lives of both. We’d like to provide “easy to understand” ratings for all visitors.

The unique thing about PodFavs is the way it rates podcasts. They continuously scour the internet and compiled a list of various podcasts that they then run through their formula that comes up with a total “temperature”. The formula weighs popularity and longevity and pairs that with classic dedication to the craft of podcasting.

Visit PodFavs to see a list of podcasts along with their “temperature” and whether they are trending up or down. You can also start by clicking on a category: Under My Roof, Culture Casts, Pod Money, Today’s World, Sports and Competition, and Crime and Punishment. Podcasters can submit their podcast to PodFavs by sending them an email.