Anchor’s New Audience Insights are Powered by Spotify

Earlier this month, Anchor announced that they have expanded Anchor’s podcast analytics beyond standard podcast download metrics to include true episode drop-off and aggregated listener demographics.

Spotify acquired Anchor in February of 2019. At that time, the companies made it clear that together, Anchor and Spotify would be able to expand the capability of podcast creators, and that new insights would be one way to achieve that vision. The first step in that direction is with the launch of new, Spotify-powered analytics.

Now, your Anchor dashboard (on web in our free app for iOS and Android) includes new charts that provide unique insights about your audience on Spotify, to help you better understand the people listening to your show and what they like about it.

The data comes directly from Spotify streams, as opposed to download counts or the limited data passed down from web players and RRS feeds. Anchor says it reflects down-to-the-second listening behavior that allows podcasters to understand more deeply what keeps their audience engaged, where they’re dropping off, and who their podcast is resonating with most.

To see episode drop-off information for your episodes, Anchor podcasters can click on an episode in their web dashboard. You’ll see an episode performance chart that lets you measure the completion rate of each episode and the times when listeners are dropping off from your show, helping you organize your podcast around engaging moments.

Anchor can now show podcasters reliable demographic information for their listeners, including anonymized and aggregated age ranges and gender breakdown of your audience. Anchor says this data is perfect for tailoring your episodes to your current fans, or for branching out and marketing to people who haven’t yet discovered your show.