Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez Indicted in FIFA Bribery Case

The Wrap reported that two former 21st Century Fox sports marketing executives were charged with bribery earlier this month in the U.S government’s FIFA corruption investigation. The investigation was focused on the bribes made to soccer officials with millions of dollars in exchange for lucrative media and marketing rights to international tournaments and events.

The Guardian reported that Carlos Martinez, former president of Fox Latin America, and Hernan Lopez, former chief executive of Fox International Channels, had been charged with wire fraud and money-laundering offenses.

The Wrap points out that they were charged alongside Uruguayan sports company Full Play Group and Gerard Romy, the former co-CEO of the Spanish Media company Imagina Media Audiovisual.

A quote from Hernan Lopez’s lawyer appeared on several news sites that discussed this situation:

“It’s shocking that the government would bring such a thin case,” Matthew Umhofer, an attorney for Lopez, also said. “The indictment contains nothing more than a single paragraph about Mr. Lopez that alleges nothing remotely improper. Mr. Lopez can’t wait to defend himself at trial.”

On April 9, 2020, The Guardian reported that both Carlos Martinez and Hernan Lopez were granted bail set at $15m, with an evening curfew and international travel bans imposed. Both men pleaded not guilty to wire fraud and money laundering charges.

It is worth noting that Wondery is still doing well. You don’t have to worry about your favorite Wondery shows disappearing, or otherwise being affected, by the FIFA controversy.