Apple Podcasts Made a COVID-19 Essential Listening Channel

One would assume that the majority of people who visit Apple Podcasts go there because they want to find a specific podcast that they just heard about. Others go there to find a new podcast to listen to after the one they were enjoying came to an end. You might not think of Apple Podcasts as a place to find news about COVID-19, but they have created a collection of it for “news junkies” to listen to.

Apple Podcasts’s COVID-19: Essential Listening collection has more episodes, news, and podcasts dedicated to information about COVID-19 than anyone could binge listen to in a few days (or maybe even weeks). The collection is described this way:

No medium is better suited to reacting to and providing context for the current unique circumstances across the globe than podcasts. Nimble and efficient and personal in ways that other sources of information cannot always be, these program have quickly become integral parts of our lives – and its no surprise how many have sprung up so quickly in response to this worldwide crisis.

This frequently updated field guide will help direct you towards the most useful shows out there – from the most urgent reporting and expert analysis surrounding the fast-evolving pandemic to advice on protecting the physical and mental health of you and your loved ones during these unusual times. Stay informed, stay home, and keep coming back here for more of the reporting, storytelling, and words of wisdom you need to get through this.

Here are a few of the COVID-19 focused podcasts that are featured:

  • Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction with Dr. Sanjay Gupta – CNN. (This one is also produced in Spanish).
  • Coronavirus Global Update – BBC World Services
  • COVID-19: What You Need to Know – ABC News
  • Coronavirus Daily – NPR
  • Daily Coronavirus Update – iHeartRadio
  • Politico Dispatch – Politico
  • AP Ground Game: Inside the Outbreak – The AP / Westwood One Podcast Network
  • Social Distance – The Atlantic
  • Into America – NBC & MSNBC
  • Fighting Coronavirus, from American Innovations – Wondery
  • Science VS – Gimlet
  • PBS News Hour – Health – PBS Newshour
  • Coronavirus in California – L.A. Times