RØDE Announced My RØDE Cast has Returned!

RØDE announced that My RØDE Cast has returned! Podcasters who wish to enter this contest should submit a 1-2 minute podcast for a chance to win a share of $150,000 in podcasting prizes. Entries close 12PM (EST) Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

For this year’s My RØDE Cast we’re giving away a massive $150,000 worth of RØDE podcasting gear, including the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio, PodMics, and more. There is also Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, sound effect packs from soundeffects.com and acoustic kits from Prismacoustic to be won!

There are three packs up for grabs: the Major Prize, Runner up, and People’s Choice.

How to Enter:

  •  Register to receive a starter pack.
  •  Record a 1-2 minute podcast on any topic and in any style.
  •  Upload it to RØDE’s free hosting platform Anchor. You can create an Anchor account for free.
  •  Copy the link to your podcast from Anchor, log-in to My RØDE Cast and copy the link to your page.
  •  Once your podcast is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.
  •  Share your podcast and encourage fans to vote for it! The podcast with the most votes wins the People’s Choice Prize!

Personally, I think RØDE is a good company with quality products that any podcaster would want to use. There are three judges that RØDE selected to help choose the winners, and I think that it is smarter to have a panel of judges rather than handing that responsibility to one person.

The only part of this that worries me is the way RØDE is determining who wins the People’s Choice Prize. There have been podcasting contests/awards in the past where that type of system was manipulated by people in order to artificially inflate the votes of their favorite podcaster. Hopefully, RØDE is aware of that possibility and has something in place to counter it.