Anchor Turns Your Video Chats into a Podcast

Anchor announced that it can turn your virtual hangouts into a podcast with Anchor’s new video-to-audio conversion.

Now, Anchor makes it possible to turn your video files into podcast-ready audio – so the next time you have a great conversation over Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram Live, or your favorite video chat tool, you can share it as a podcast for everyone to hear.

Starting at the end of April 2020, Anchor’s tools make it possible for you to convert your video files into editable audio. So, as you’re keeping up your face-to-face connections through video chats and virtual hangouts, you can easily capture the conversation for everyone to hear by turning it into a podcast.

But, before you do that, it would be wise to let everyone who is in the video chat know that you are going to be recording it and making it into a podcast episode. The following states require consent from all parties that are recorded: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington.

If your recorded video chat will include people who live outside of the United States, you need to find out what the laws are regarding recording in their country. Be smart and ask for permission to record and release the conversation as a podcast episode before you hit the record button.

Obviously, Anchor’s video-to-audio tool is only available to Anchor podcasters. First, record your video chat through your favorite streaming tool and download the file. Next, upload it to your Anchor dashboard on web. You cannot upload YouTube links directly to Anchor. But, if you own the raw video file (.MP4 or .MOV) you can upload it and convert it to audio.