Neilsen Launched Gracenote On Demand

Neilsen, a global measurement and data analytics company, launched Gracenote Audio On Demand, a standardized and enriched dataset enabling powerful navigation, search and discovery of more than 37 million podcast episodes across all digital entertainment platforms.

With this new offering, streaming music platforms, consumer electronics (CE) companies, Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs) and automakers can create personalized listening experiences, allowing podcast and talk radio fans to connect to a broader range of personalities and topics than ever before.

Based on steadily increasing popularity, podcasts have entered the mainstream as a broad-reaching entertainment medium. According to Neilsen Scarborough, the audience for podcasting has been growing by 20% on average for the last six years. At that rate, the audience for podcasting could double by 2023.

At launch, Gracenote Audio on Demand will have standardized podcast titles, descriptions and imagery across more than 900,000 podcast series and will be assigned a popularity score to help surface the most popular content, while the top series will leverage more descriptive information such as Category Hierarchy and Celebrity Links for more powerful universal search across platforms and cross-media linking capabilities.

  • Popularity Score: Improves search and discovery capabilities by identifying and surfacing the most popular podcasts in a catalog.
  • Category Hierarchy: Provides three levels of categories when classifying series and episodes to enable more engaging and unique discovery experiences.
  • Celebrity Links: Allows listeners to identify verified celebrity links across content, providing rich discovery experiences.

Other key benefits and features of Gracenote Audio On Demand include:

  • Deduplicated & Normalized Data: Daily checks remove duplicate submissions and eliminate relevant issues.
  • In-Depth Categorization: Standardized classifiers for series and episodes help surface more relevant content, enabling more engaging and unique discovery experiences
  • Standard Ids: Assigns a common Gracenote ID of reference for a podcast series across different platforms to support identification and cross-media linking.
  • Parties and Celebrities: Allows users to identify verified celebrity links with role type, including host, guest and participant, enabling better linking than text-based approaches
  • API, SDK and Full Feed Access: Tap into data via the API, SDK or Full for flexible implementation options.