Blubrry Announces Private Internal Podcasting

Blubrry announced a complete private internal podcast solution that suits all needs. As of yesterday, podcasters can choose from three levels of private internal podcasting – PIP – with Blubrry. The levels are: Simple, Standard, and Enterprise. Each comes with different features and security.

Last year, we knew PIP was something we wanted to add to our service offerings, and the past few months have shown that there is indeed an immediate need. Authenticated listeners are able to listen on a private podcast app as well as a private web app, depending on the show provider’s needed security.

Here are a few examples of uses for a private and/or internal podcast:

  • Premium content for your podcast audience
  • New employee onboarding
  • Bonus podcast content for your super loyal fans
  • Monthly sales reporting
  • Weekly church meetings

Here are some of the security measures Blubrry uses:

  • Signed media URL
  • SSO supported
  • oAuth2, SAML
  • Private RSS feed with authentication

All private internal podcasting levels include Blubrry’s professional hosting, statistics and their best-in-class tech support. Blubrry has put together a detailed look at their Private Internal Podcasting that gives people more information about their three PIP plans.