Pandora for Podcasters introduces Podcast Analytics

Pandora’s Pandora for Podcasters platform lets creators of any size easily submit their podcasts to Pandora and use their free suite of marketing insight tools to build their audience and discover the listeners who are most likely looking for them.

And starting today, Pandora for Podcasters introduces Podcast Analytics, a new set of visually-driven data analytics tools that provide podcast creators with even more insights into their audience on Pandora: who the listeners are behind their stream counts, and the types of content that keep them coming back.

Now, creators on Pandora have access to actual podcast listening data that gives a more accurate and nuanced picture of listener engagement than traditional podcast download metrics like Number of Streams, Unique Listeners, Total Time Spent Listening, and Thumbs (the number of thumbs up/down given by Pandora users) – at a glance and over time – to see which episodes are getting the most love from their listeners.

Podcasters can gain new insights about their Pandora listeners and their tastes via a new geographic Audience Insights Map that shows where their content is the most popular across the country, an Audience Insights Demographics chart that helps them see who their listeners are, and other visually-driven features that show how and where their audience is growing, and which content is resonating with them the most.

Podcast Analytics features are free to all registered Pandora for Podcasters users starting today.

To sign up for Pandora for Podcasters, visit here.