Wondery Launched the Wondery Podcast App

Wondery has launched its own app that features its lineup of original programming, Variety has reported. The app is available for download now on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. (The Google Play version might be in beta). The Wondery App is free, and includes in-app purchases.

According to Variety, the goal of the app is to entice listeners to pay to listen to Wondery podcasts ad-free. In other words, they hope the app will make customers choose to buy a subscription to Wondery+

“Very early on, when I started the company, we knew at some point we wanted to have our own place where listeners could listen to the Wondery shows,” Hernan Lopez CEO of Wondery, said. “But we also knew we had to wait until we had enough shows, and the Wondery brand had enough breadth for people to go through the trouble of downloading an app and use it on a daily basis”.

A monthly subscription is $4.00/month. An annual subscription is $34.00/year. It appears that those who download the Wondery App can buy Wondery+ through it. Wondery+ comes with exclusive episodes and the full Wondery+ catalog, completely ad-free. The exclusive ad-free content includes Blood Ties, The Sneak, and Hollywood and Crime: Billionaire Boys Club.

Unlike other podcast apps, Wondery’s app will only include Wondery shows. To me, it sounds like a really good deal for people who are already fans of the company’s podcasts. This is especially true for people who listen to episodes of Wondery podcasts every day.