Storyboard Launches Listener Commenting System for Private Podcasts, a specialized platform for hosting corporate private podcasts and internal audio, announced that it has launched Listener Comments. This launch will provide the first comprehensive feature in the space where internal podcasts – podcast-style shows targeted to employees that provide on-demand training, company news, leadership updates, and more – will facilitate two-way communication where employees can share their thoughts and questions.

Going forward, Storyboard listeners who access their company’s podcast feed will be able to contribute comments on each episode. This includes the ability to tag specific moments, like picking a place in a show where the listener would like to ask a question to a corporate leader or get clarification on a key training.

For content creators on Storyboard, this will open the door to opportunities to use audio as a vehicle for collaboration and engagement. One of the most common use cases on Storyboard is to host town halls where employees can stay connected to the company’s vision. With Storyboard Comments, content creators can ask for questions and ideas for future episodes, which makes audio more open and connected to the audience.

“Storyboard is dedicated to providing more than just a way to release an audio file within an organization,” said CEO JP Gooderham. “We’re focused on offering tools that will allow anyone in an organization to have a voice and participate, whether they are recording or listening to a piece of content. This has been a consistent theme from our creators when thinking about how to make workplace communications more meaningful and authentic.”

Storyboard Comments are now available to all Storyboard Pro and Storyboard Hobby users. For organizations who would like to begin using Storyboard, they also can sign up for the Hobby Tier which is free for up to 100 users. To find more information, please find our product overview at:

Spotify Supports Underrepresented Podcasters in UK and Ireland with Sound Up

Podcasting may be one of the key trends you can’t ignore in 2020, but research from Spotify shows there is still a long way to go when it comes to the ‘hidden voices’ of podcasting, with findings showing that the majority of BAME women and non-binary people consider themselves to be significantly underrepresented. The new research comes as the world’s largest audio platform launches UK/IE 2020 applications for its annual Sound Up podcast accelerator training programme for Black women and non-binary people in the UK and Ireland.

To better understand the barriers for BAME women and non-binary people when it comes to podcasts, Spotify conducted research amongst 1,000 women in the UK who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.

A staggering 74% feel that BAME women are underrepresented in podcasting, reflecting the current top 100 podcasts in the UK where fewer than 5% are hosted by BAME women or non-binary people. 21% believe that business and technology is the podcast genre in which BAME women are most seriously underrepresented, followed by news, current affairs and politics (14%), and celebrity (12%). 84% say they would be more likely to listen to a podcast if it was created and voiced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women.

When it comes to breaking into the podcasting industry, 50% say there is too much stereotyping of BAME women, 49% believe there is a lack of strong BAME female voices in podcasting to look up to and be inspired by, and 40% feel not enough stories of BAME women are told in entertainment and wider culture.

Now in its third year, Spotify’s Sound Up is designed to help aspiring underrepresented aspiring podcasters break into the industry and amplify their voices. The UK and Irish programme is open to Black women and non-binary people wanting to make themselves heard in podcasting through education, workshops, and support from industry experts.

This year’s programme will look a little different. Due to the challenges of gathering during this unprecedented time, Sound Up will be divided into two phases. First up is a virtual four-week course that will take place from 12th October to 6th November 2020. To ensure everyone has equal access to technology, Spotify will be providing computers, WiFi access, and podcast recording equipment to participants. Then, those who demonstrate a particular knack for podcasting will be invited to in-person training in 2021 where they will further develop their ideas.

Spotify UK/IE is now accepting applications for the 2020 Sound Up programme, at The deadline for entries is 4th August at 11.59 BST. The four-week virtual programme will run from 12th October to 6th November 2020.

Spotify Podcast Voice Gap Research Key Findings

  • All data was collected amongst 1,000 women from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds in the UK in July 2020.
  • 84% say they would be more likely to listen to a podcast if it was created and voiced by Black, Asian and ethnic minority women;
  • Three-quarters (74%) feel that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women are underrepresented in podcasting;
  • 21% of respondents view business and technology as the podcast genre in which women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are most seriously underrepresented. This was followed by news, current affairs and politics (14%) and celebrity (12%);
  • 57% of respondents agree that there are significant barriers to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women wanting to break into the podcast industry;
  • Of those who agree there are significant barriers to breaking into the podcast industry, 54% consider white female voices being chosen above theirs to be the biggest barrier for women from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds breaking into podcasts. Other perceived barriers include:
  • Lack of funding and investment (52%)
  • A feeling of underrepresentation in their own community (52%)
  • Lack of strong Black, Asian and minority ethnic female voices in podcasting to look up to and be inspired by (49%)
  • When it comes to the wider entertainment industry, over half (52%) see those within the industry not calling out racism where it is encountered as a barrier to Black, Asian and ethnic minority women wanting to be heard in the entertainment industry; Other barriers include:
  • Too much stereotyping of BAME women (50%)
  • Not enough representation of BAME women (50%)
  • Businesses not making themselves accountable for driving representation and inclusivity (45%)

RADIO.COM Strikes Content Partnership with Twitch

Twitch logoEntercom, home of RADIO.COM, the fastest growing digital audio platform in America, announced a first of its kind, strategic programming partnership with Twitch, the world’s leading live, interactive streaming service for gaming, sports, entertainment, music and more, which will bring live video simulcasts of market-leading sports talk programs to Twitch and its 17.5 million daily users.

Initially, live video streaming of leading RADIO.COM Sports stations from six major markets across the country will be accessible to Twitch users via individually tailored, branded station channels, providing the Twitch community a full week’s worth of appointment viewing from some of the nation’s most iconic sports talk stations, such as WEEI in Boston, WFAN 101.9 FM/660 AM in New York, 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, 670 The Score in Chicago, 92.9 The Game in Atlanta and 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit.

Fans of hometown heroes such as the Red Sox, Yankees, Falcons, Pirates, Bulls etc. have come to depend on these stations for exclusive interviews with their favorite players and coaches, early access to pivotal team releases, and game analysis. By leveraging its suite of premier personalities, RADIO.COM Sports stations have cultivated a community of passionate and engaged fans both on air and digitally, which will thrive in Twitch’s similarly interactive platform.

“Twitch has built a substantial platform for audiences to connect through video content and we’re looking forward to working with them to bring our unrivaled sports programming to millions of viewers,” said David Rosenbloom, Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Entercom. “This partnership will expand how listeners can connect with our on-air talent through real-time engagement on Twitch and introduce a new generation of sports fans to legendary sports brands like WEEI, WFAN 101.9 FM/660 AM, and 92.9 The Game.”

“Twitch is the place where people come to connect and engage over their shared interests, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a group of people more passionate than sports fans,” said Jane Weedon, Director of New Verticals, Twitch. “Over the last several years, there has been a growing sports community on Twitch. With the addition of sports radio, on-air talent and fans will be able to interact and discuss their favorite athletes, teams and leagues with one another in real time. Through features like Twitch Chat, now the entire audience will be able to participate in the coveted ‘call ins’ and ‘hot takes’ that have come to define sports talk radio.”

Entercom will leverage its robust portfolio of over-the-air, digital and social assets to provide additional promotional support of the channels.

New Season of MindShift Explores How Classrooms Are Adapting to COVID-19

The new school year is upon us, but how can teachers, students, and caregivers adequately prepare for such drastically changed learning environments and so much uncertainty? Enter the MindShift podcast. One of the most popular podcasts for parents and teachers, the series gives listeners an inside look at how schools are developing solutions to meet the needs of students in person and online.

Social bonds are essential, but how do we develop and maintain them when we’re forced to be physically distant? Hosts Ki Sung and Katrina Schwartz tell the listeners [or investigate rather than tell listeners] how educators and students are working to straighten these bonds to create a strong foundation for learning in person and online.

Episodes also explore how educators navigated the first semester of the coronavirus pandemic, what they learned, what they’re holding onto and what doesn’t work. The episodes also features the voices of young people, who share how this difficult time has affected their lives.

The new season started on Tuesday, July 14, with new episodes available every other Tuesday through September 8. Find the MindShift podcast for free on Apple Podcasts. NPR One or wherever you get your podcast, or visit

Season 5 Schedule

Episode 1: July 14, 2020
How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Boys Become Men

When Ashanti Branch started the Ever Forward Club, he was a high school math teacher trying to figure out why the young men of color in his classes weren’t succeeding. He found they were craving what he desired as a kid too — a safe place to be themselves, to show emotion and to get support without fear of judgment. When Ashanti gave them that, their success surprised everyone. It’s now his life’s work to support other educators to create spaces where boys can be vulnerable, share their feelings and feel supported by other boys. It’s such important work to those involved that they’ve continued it online during the coronavirus pandemic, with mixed results.

Episode 2: July 28, 2020
Prom? Canceled. Graduation? Canceled. High Schoolers Share Their Worlds with Us

Students have had to do just as much adapting as teachers during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve struggled to find motivation, navigated taking Advanced Placement tests at home, sometimes with spotty internet, and have been overwhelmed by their families in new ways. Seniors missed out on prom, signing yearbooks, sharing the news of college acceptances with friends and teachers in person and walking across the graduation stage in front of their family and friends. Hear what students recorded in their audio journals as they adjust their expectations for this school year and the future.

Episode 3: August 11, 2020
Culturally Responsive Teaching During Distance Learning

When schools closed in March because of COVID-19, 150 teachers from around the country began creating a resource document to share ideas that would engage students in learning through the events happening in their lives. Students at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School in New York City were at the heart of the worst outbreak in the country. AP English Teacher Anthony Voulgarides assigned pandemic journaling to his students, never imagining how crucial those assignments would become to students as they process their feelings and document the loss and isolation COVID-19 has had on their families and their community.

Episode 4: August 25, 2020
How Fan Fiction Inspires Kids to Read and Write and Write and Write

For many students, writing can be tedious, especially after years of boring grammar, spelling and structure drills. But for kids who have discovered fan fiction, writing about something they’re already passionate about can ignite countless hours of creative writing, music and art.

Episode 5: September 8, 2020
Why Being Taught How to Read the Right Way Is a Civil Right

As a child, Connie Williams learned to read using the “whole word” strategy, which has since been disproven as an effective technique. She graduated from high school in Oakland, California, but she was functionally illiterate. Since then, her children and grandchildren, all of them struggling to learn to read, have attended Oakland public schools. And it wasn’t just her family — the district is failing thousands of kids. Now Connie Williams is part of a movement of families advocating for phonics instruction, hoping that different teaching strategies will help their kids finally learn how to read well enough to access the rest of their education because equal access to education is a civil right.

BBC World Services Launches The Comb

The BBC World Service The Comb a brand new weekly podcast for young listeners in Africa, presented by Zimbabwean journalist Kim Chakanesta. As the name suggests, Kim and her team will be combing through the continent for the stories that matter.

The podcast’s mission is to unearth surprising, fascinating and relevant stories. They won’t be shying away from tackling tough subjects. The Comb is made by the team behind the continent’s leading radio brand, BBC Focus on Africa – known for its unrivaled coverage of the continent. The debut episode of The Comb will be looking at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic particularly on students and those starting out in their careers.

Presenter Kim Chakenesta said: “The Comb is a thrilling opportunity for us to seek out stories and voices that might otherwise go unreported or unheard. It allows us to combine the depth of BBC Africa’s journalism and the curiosity of our listeners.”

The Comb will tackle a wide range of topics and reflect a broad geographic spread across the countries of Africa. Typical questions will include: ‘What happens when a pandemic turns your life and the world upside down? Is African data missing from scientific studies? Why can’t we talk about sex?’ Listeners will be invited to suggest stories for discussion and investigation.

The Comb wants to hear their views – The Comb is their podcast. Bringing the best of BBC journalism, the podcast is available free from the BBC and most podcasts apps. It will meet the needs of young mobile audiences across Africa and the diaspora.

Bilkisu Labaran, Editor BBC Africa News & Current Affairs said: “On behalf of BBC Africa, we at Focus on Africa are so proud to be the home of the first BBC podcast in English specifically for a younger African audience. Focus on Africa has continued to serve and connect our audiences on the Radio for 60 years, so we are very excited at the prospect of reaching a new audience through this podcast”

The Comb’s theme music is composed by Kenyan music producer Eric Musyoka. The artwork is designed by Fred Martins, a Nigerian graphic designer.

Mary Hockaday, Controller, BBC World Service English said: “This is an exciting and extremely important podcast for the BBC. We’re looking forward to reaching new young audiences – those who may not yet listen to the BBC or are new to podcasts. The brilliant team from Focus on Africa has been working very hard to share their expertise and fresh perspective on stories from Africa and we very much hope The Comb will be loved and owned by its community of listeners who will help guide the stories which are told and investigated”.

Wondery Appoints DAX as its Exclusive Advertising Partner in Canada

Wondery announced the appointment of DAX, the pioneering digital ad exchange from Media and Entertainment group, Global, as its exclusive advertising sales partner handling Wondery’s advertising inventory in Canada.

Wondery produces numerous hit shows across the globe surpassing 1 billion downloads including Business Wars, The Shrink Next Door, Dr. Death, and Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment. Wondery’s slate of content also includes NBC News podcasts and School of Greatness as well as Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, The Bill Bert Podcast and The Dollop in its portfolio.

Wondery’s podcasts are distributed across a wide array of platforms across Canada. Its portfolio contains eight #1 shows and has grown downloads 154% during the first half of 2020 v 2019. Wondery is also the first podcast network to expand into local language marketplaces with the launch of eight language editions of Dr. Death and six language versions of Business Wars (including French), and many more to come.

The partnership will enable DAX to offer Canadian brands and advertisers spot ads and host- read podcast sponsorship.

Commenting on the announcement, Declan Moore, Head of International for Wondery, said “We are thrilled to partner with the DAX team in Canada. In addition to Host and Producer/Network reads, Wondery is expanding its product offering to include spot and programmatic solutions. The DAX team have established hundreds of successful partnerships with leading brands, and we’re excited to connect marketers with the rapidly growing Wondery Canadian audience.”

Chris Nimigon, Chief Revenue Officer of DAX Canada added: “Wondery have created an impressive portfolio of hit shows which we’re extremely excited to share with our advertising partners. With podcast audiences growing consistently across the globe, our new partnership creates a clear opportunity for brands and advertisers to align with Wondery’s quality productions and reach engaged listeners across Canada, at scale.”

The New York Times Acquires Serial Productions

Serial logoThe New York Times Company announced that it would acquire Serial Productions, the company that produces the groundbreaking Serial podcast. In addition to the acquisition, The Times also announced that it had entered into an ongoing creative and strategic alliance with This American Life that will enable it to continue to collaborate on long-form audio stories with Serial Productions and to collaborate on marketing and advertising sales with The Times. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Serial Productions is a team of audio’s best and most successful long-form journalists and narrative storytellers led by Julie Snyder, Sarah Koenig and Neil Drumming. Each episode of Serial’s first season was downloaded 20 million times on average and is credited with igniting the current podcast boom. This American Life is the iconic, long-running, weekly public radio program, founded by host and executive producer Ira Glass.

As a Times company, Serial Productions will commission and edit its own stories and they will now be amplified by The Times. The acquisition will allow the Serial team to tell more stories and produce more series than they had previously.

With The Daily, Serial, and the strategic alliance with This American Life, The Times has now brought together three of the most important audio brands in the world. Along with other chart-topping shows and series, including 1619, Rabbit Hole and Caliphate, as well as the recent acquisition of Audm, The Times will continue to build new listening habits across a range of formats. Creating a strong audio report aligns with the company’s broader goal to help audiences understand the world around them through journalistic storytelling.

Meredith Kopit Levien, chief operating officer of The New York Times Company said, “We’ve seen the power that audio can have in building deeper connections with our audience and we’re committed to bringing listeners the best audio journalism in the world. What better way to show that commitment than by acquiring Serial, the most celebrated and innovative podcast series ever produced and by partnering with This American Life, a program that quite simply transformed the genre. We launched The Daily in 2017 and it has quickly become the most listened to news podcast in the country. Our goal is to continue to evolve our audio offerings and to chart a sustainable course for high-quality, immersive audio journalism.”

Sam Dolnick, an assistant managing editor who oversees Times audio said, “We have been enormous admirers of This American Life and Serial for years and their work has inspired and informed our own. We feel confident the Serial and This American Life teams share our desire to continue to find groundbreaking ways to tell stories, grow listenership and help more and more people better understand the world. They are as mission-driven as we are and we’re so excited to welcome them to The Times family.”

Julie Snyder, the executive editor of Serial Productions said, “We’re incredibly proud of Serial and wanted to find a home where we felt shared values, one where we would be supported and resourced to tell more stories, of the highest quality. We’re thrilled to be joining The Times, where they have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing the possibilities of audio and long-form narrative journalism.”

Ira Glass said, “For years now, when people ask me to recommend a podcast, the first one I mention is The Daily. Effusively. Gushingly. It’s so impressive, how The Times jumped into audio journalism, and made a show that uses the medium so well. I also love how The Daily and the other Times podcasts are narrative journalism, like our show. They tell stories, with characters and feeling, and, of course, because they’re The Times, a lucid analysis of the world around us. I can’t imagine a better partner for the journalism we and Serial do than The Times, and look forward to continuing to invent this still-young world of podcasting with them at our side.”

As Serial Productions joins The Times, the team plans to produce a number of shows and series under The Times and Serial Productions banner. The first, Nice White Parents, will bring listeners along with award-winning reporter Chana Joffe-Walt as she examines the role white families play in shaping public education. You can listen to the trailer now, with the first two episodes available on Thursday, July 30 on or wherever you get your podcasts.

This American Life remains an independent company and will continue its weekly broadcasts on public radio and its podcast.

The Virtual New Media Summit will Happen in September

The Virtual New Media Summit will take place on September 10 – 11, 2020. It will begin at 9:30am and end at 4:30pm PDT each day. Registration is now open. Registration will close when the clock on the Virtual New Media Summit page hits zero.

The New Media Summit is the premier event for learning today’s proven strategies and tactics for reaching the masses (AT NO COST!) leveraging the power of podcasts.

Since 2017, The New Media Summit has guided game changers and movement makers from across the globe to monetize the substantial visibility podcasting provides and is the ONLY event that provides attendees with the rare opportunity to meet and pitch today’s top podcasters and get booked on their shows… ON THE SPOT!

Now… for the FIRST TIME EVER, you can attend The New Media Summit from the comfort of your couch as The New Media Summit GOES VIRTUAL!

There are two types of tickets to choose from:

General Admission:

  • Participation and access to ALL sessions, as an attendee, with video
  • Two full days of training led by Steve Olsher where he shares proven strategies for generating massive visibility, highly-targeted leads and meaningful leveraging of the power of podcasts
  • Steve Olsher’s proprietary Podcast Domination Ranking System (training video and spreadsheet)
  • Lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine, and
  • Their proven-to-convert, fill-in-the-blanks, ‘Get Booked’ email templates
  • This ticket is limited to 888 Attendees.

‘Pitch The Podcasters’ All-Access Ticket:

  • Everything in the General Admission
  • Attendance with video and Q&A priority
  • Get the recordings of all event sessions
  • You’ll be able to “Pitch The Podcasters’ by submitting a 60-second pitch video
  • Receive personalized feedback on your pitch from one of today’s leading podcasters
  • You’ll have the chance to pitch ALL of the attending podcasters in the Virtual Media
  • Summit Pitch-Off Contest. Get booked on the spot and walk away with cash and prizes
  • This ticket is limited to 88 participants.

Podcast Movement 2020 has been Canceled

Podcast Movement has officially announced that the Podcast Movement 2020 event has been canceled. Instead, they will do a Podcast Movement Virtual Podcasting Conference in October of 2020, and aim for Podcast Movement 2021 to happen in Austin, Texas.

Today we come to you with news that is disappointing for us, but with a decision that we feel confident to be making: Podcast Movement 2020 in Dallas is officially canceled…

…Whether you are a brand new podcaster, or a professional who has been podcasting for years, everyone who has joined us has been welcomed as a part of the family. Being a family means lending a helping hand to one another, and this year that matters more than ever. In that spirit, we must take care of each other and protect those who matter most.

We’ve been bringing podcasters together for nearly a decade, and we plan on being here to continue this tradition for many years to come. And though we may not see each other in person this year, the Podcast Movement spirit will not fade…

The Virtual Podcast Movement will start on October 19 – 29, 2020. Registration is open now. There are three passes to choose from:

Standard Pass:

  • Live Stream of all keynotes, breakout sessions, and Lunch & Learns
  • Option to “Add On” optional workshops & activities
  • This pass is designed for any podcasters or industry professionals who want to attend at the lowest possible price and are able to participate in the sessions live (in real time).

Plus Pass:

  • Includes everything in the Standard Pass
  • Access to recordings of all keynotes, breakout sessions, and Lunch & Learns
  • Access to Live networking events all four session days
  • Option to “Add On” optional workshops & activities
  • This pass is designed for any podcasters or industry professionals who want to make sure they don’t miss any sessions, by having access to on-demand recordings after the event, plus want to participate in networking sessions.

Premier Pass:

  • Includes everything in the Standard Plus Pass
  • Access to all “Add On” optional workshops and activities
  • Access to the Podcast Industry Professional Forum (the only way to access this)
  • Special physical welcome package and other TBA inclusions
  • This pass is designed for: Any podcasters or industry professionals who are looking to make the most out of their virtual time with us, who are looking to make the most out of their virtual time with us, who want to access to all the add on events, and who want to participate in the Industry Forum.

Podbean Completed IAB Tech Lab Certification

Podbean announced that has completed IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Independent Certification. Podbean can be found on the list of compliant companies, with the link to Podbean’s full report which covers download, listener, and ad delivery metrics.

According to IAB Tech Lab, “The IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Compliance Program certifies that companies are adhering to the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, released in December 2017. These guidelines establish a common set of ad metrics for podcasts and a base set of principles that any measurement system should support.” This helps to address industry challenges such as lack of uniformity in measurement systems and how metrics are defined.

“The official IAB Tech Lab certification reassures advertisers about the standardization of data provided by podcasts using Podbean’s PodAds dynamic ad insertion and Ads Marketplace,” says David Xu, CEO of Podbean. “In our continued effort to maximize monetization opportunities for our podcasters, this is an important step to help them attract more advertisers.”