The Passion Economy Premiers Outside of a Paywall

The Passion Economy – the weekly podcast about everyday people who are finding a new path to success in the 21st century economy – launched for the first time outside of a paywall.

Episodes spotlight unconventional career and business success stories:

  • A drug dealer turned fitness mogul
  • A teacher making waves in the fashion industry with gender non-binary designs
  • A former Iraqi translator who reinvented himself as a D.C.-area limo company operator

The Passion Economy is hosted by Adam Davidson, the Peabody-Award winning co-creator of NPR’s Planet Money. Davidson is a successful journalist and author who covered economics for The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine.

The Passion Economy podcast is based on Davidson’s acclaimed 2020 book of the same name and explores how individuals from all walks of life have overcome professional and financial roadblocks and created new paths of fulfillment by channeling their entrepreneurial spirits and pursuing their passions. The first three episodes are available now.