Wildcast Launches New Platform for Networking and Productivity

Wildcast, Inc. announced the soft launch of its patent-pending service, a networking platform for those in the podcast industry to connect and podcast together. On the newly available platform, podcast guests can find podcasts to share their message, podcasts can find the best guests to host, users can schedule ad trades with other podcasts as a means of promotion, and those in the podcast industry can network in general.

Wildcast users can explore, search, and filter those on the platform and add them to their network, message with potential collaborators, and schedule recordings based on their customized calendar. While Wildcast is starting with guest and podcast booking as well as ad trades between podcasts, the company hopes to introduce sponsors and other podcast industry segments into the platform in later versions.

Some of Wildcast’s early users include podcasts from the top charts of Comedy, Society & Culture, Science, TV & Film, guests who have worked on shows and networks including The Bachelor, Netflix, and Bravo, as well as talent agencies and individual experts on everything from psychology to sex and relationships.

While the podcast industry has grown rapidly, both in the number of listener and the number of podcasts, the majority of new companies in the space are geared toward the consumers and listeners of podcasts, not the podcasters, podcast guests, and people behind the creation of podcasts themselves.

“After working as the Head of Production at a small podcast network, I realized that there was so much opportunity to streamline the podcasting space for those within the industry; the podcasters, producers, guests and sponsors. We want to create a space where all parties involved can gather under one ‘camp’ so they can create better content and ultimately tell better stories together,” said Wildcast Co-Founder and CEO, Madison Catania.

“Wildcast is going to be the gamechanger that the podcast industry has needed. We’re incredibly excited to begin collaborating much more efficiently with other podcasts, guests, agencies, and networks in the space,” said the team behind Podcast Nation, a podcast network located in Vancouver and LA.

For more information on Wildcast, visit gowildcast.com and find Wildcast on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.