Podcast Movement Virtual Announced Round 1 of Speakers

Podcast Movement Virtual has announced the first round of speakers. The event will take place online on October 19-20, 2020. Registration is open now.

Podcast Movement Virtual 1st Round of Speaker Announcements include:

  • Jukeyka Lantigua-Williams of Langiqua Williams & Co. – “16 Questions to Test Your Podcast Idea (Before You Press Record)”
  • Lory Martinez with Studeo Ochenta – “Podcasting for Social Justice: POC & BIPOC Podcast Founders Sound Off”
  • Lindsay Graham from Airship.fm – “Narrative in Nonfiction: Engage through Drama”
  • Milah Mapp and Erica Dickerson from Good Moms Bad Choices and Veronika Taylor with Acast – “We’re All Niche: How to Advocate for Your Personal Identity through Podcasting (from Two Single, Black Moms Who Do So)”
  • Tom Schwab with Interview Valet – “What the Data Says About Podcast Interviews”
  • Christine Blackburn of Story Worthy – “A Decade of Podcasting with Christine Blackburn of Story Worthy”
  • Kimberly Sumpter from Sistahs Connect – “Podcasting: Expanding the Reach of Remote Learning”
  • Nick Dunkerley from Hindenburg Systems – “Painting Pictures with Sound: Bringing Your Stories to Life”
  • Melina Palmer with The Brainy Business and Louise Brogan from LinkedIn with Louise – “Is Your Pitch Getting Deleted? Let’s Change That!”
  • A.J. Feliciano from Rooster Teeth – “Building a Community with Your Content”
  • Christina Barsi with Avant Haus Media – “Why You’re Lying to Yourself (and Doing It Wrong): How to Think Creatively to Excel”
  • Chris Colbert from DCP Entertainment – “Say Their Name: How to Use Audio to Humanize Headlines”
  • Paula J. Hutchinson with The Stiletto Talks – “Identifying an Impactful Niche”
  • Todd Cochrane with Blubrry Podcasting – “Private Podcasting Possibilities”
  • Zaiba Hasan from Mommying While Muslim – “Breaking Down Stereotypes and Accidental Audiences”

And more! To see the full list, you should read the blog post on the Podcast Movement Virtual website.