Supporting Cast Announced Dynamic Subscriber Messaging

Supporting Cast announced Dynamic Subscriber Messaging. Podcasters can send targeted, personalized audio messages, like thank-yous for joining, warnings about expiring credit cards, and invitations to upgrade to higher priced tiers. This feature will drastically improve the premium podcast subscription experience, reduce member churn, and grow subscription revenue meaningfully for our clients over time.

What if you could send a recorded welcome message directly to a specific member’s podcast player? What if, as the member’s renewal date approaches, they heard a message from the show host in their feed thanking them for their ongoing support, or reminding them to update their payment information? That’s what Dynamic Subscriber Messages allow.

Dynamic Subscriber Messages are delivered as mini-episodes via members’ podcast apps based on where the user sits in their subscription lifecycle, so that they’re only heard by the people meant to hear them, at the exact moment when they make sense.

Dynamic Subscriber Messaging offers two key advantages that will make your message much more likely to be heard – and acted upon.

One advantage is that Dynamic Subscriber Messaging lets you deliver messages in your own voice. Supporting Cast says listeners have a close connection to a podcaster through the podcaster’s voice. They argue that listeners’ emotional attachment to podcasters’ vocal persona is what drives the bulk of the podcasting industry today.

Another advantage of Dynamic Messaging is that your audience is used to meeting you in their podcast player, not their inbox. It allows you to reach listeners where you know they are spending a lot of time, and where they are engaging with you. Podcasters can insert audio messages appropriate to each member’s circumstances directly into their premium feeds, as episodes that only they can see, at the exact moment when the message is most relevant to them.

Those who are interested can visit the Supporting Cast blog post about Dynamic Subscriber Messaging to learn more about it and to let them know how you would like to incorporate it into your member communications.