Joe Rogan’s Podcast Temporarily Derailed Due to COVID-19

Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience, issued a statement on Instagram in which he announced that Jamie Vernon, producer of The Joe Rogan Experience, had tested positive for COVID-19. Joe Rogan has tested negative, and stated that he has not had any contact with Jamie Vernon in nine days.

Joe Rogan made it clear that the shows that aired last week had all been previously recorded. He says the rest of the staff tested negative for COVID-19, and that he is staying away from everyone and being tested every day until he knows he is in the clear. They are shutting down the podcast until they get an all clear from their doctor.

In addition, Joe Rogan said in his statement: “We might have to do some shows remotely and some shows with a substitute producer.” Joe Rogan will let fans know when the show will start back up again.

As a result, Joe Rogan had to cancel Kanye West’s appearance on the show (which was scheduled for October 23, 2020). Spotify has released The Joe Rogan Experience #1552, which features Mathew McConaughey. The image for that episode shows McConaughey looking into a computer monitor in a location that could be his home. There is a Skype logo in the corner of the image.

Variety reported that Joe Rogan purchased a home in Austin, Texas, a few months ago. Previous to that, he lived in Los Angeles.