The Allusionist has Left Radiotopia Network

Helen Zaltzman, creator and host of The Allusionist, announced on her website that the podcast is leaving the Radiotopia network. For full details about why Helen Zaltzman made that decision, I recommend that you read her blog post about it.

PRX is the company that runs Radiotopia. Helen Zatlzman did not work for PRX. She only worked for Radiotopia. However, it came to her attention that PRX was accused of engaging in institutional racism against a former employee. The employee was not the only Black woman had been mistreated by some of the people who worked for PRX.

Again, Helen Zaltzman did not work for PRX. She worked for Radiotopia. Here is a small piece of her blog post where she comments about that:

I have, however been part of Radiotopia, a network with a mostly white line-up. I never had the power to change that line-up, but tried to use the powers I did have: over the years, I have raised this fact repeatedly, recommended existing shows or potential showmakers to approach, questioned the excuses given for why the line-up stayed very white – small capacity and limited resources and insufficient money were frequently cited. So I offered money. And now, in case it makes more space and resources available, I’m removing myself.

This is not the end of The Allusionist podcast. Helen Zaltzman is going to continue the show, which she has always made by herself with 100% ownership and editorial control. There are no staff who will lose their employment as a result of this change.

The financial side is where she could use some help. She has a link to her Patreon in her blog post about The Allusionist leaving Radiotopia. Helen Zaltzman stresses that donations to her Patreon are optional, and urges people not to donate if times are tight for them. The Allusionist will continue to be available with “as few obstacles for you listeners as possible”.