She Podcasts Launched the SuperSquad

She Podcasts, the online community with almost 20,000 members launched a new virtual membership for their audience on October 1.

The online membership gives members an opportunity to learn online and facilitate intimate relationships with their community, without the distraction of social media.

Last fall, She Podcasts held their first women’s podcasting conference in Atlanta GA and were planning their second one in Scottsdale, AZ, before the pandemic occurred. They were able to postpone their Arizona conference to 2021, and decided rather than hold a virtual conference, a membership would be a better solution.

“What we really wanted to provide was a place where our members could consistently get what they got from being at our live event, with the added benefit of our undivided attention,” said CDO and Co-Founder Jessica Kupferman.

Co-Founder Elsie Escobar adds, “We’ve purposefully created our membership within our own platform, somewhere we could control the environment as well what our members are exposed to, and who will interact with and educate them. The paid membership that we’ve built will have everything people love about She Podcasts, including an expert’s undivided attention.”

The membership has launched with a sliding scale, so that members who need help now more than ever can have access to the resources they need to help launch and grow a podcast. The lowest tier starts at $17 monthly and $175 annually, and there are 3 plans to choose from for a limited time.

Membership comes with a vast library of online courses, webinars, templates, checklists and challenges, but is also built with a robust community for members to easily engage in conversation and get to know one another.

They’ve also included weekly QA sessions, coaching office hours, a full member directory, events calendar, interviews with experts, and special sections of the website where members can look for guests, promote their podcasts, offer their services, and more.

For more information, go to the SuperSquad website.