Captivate Introduces AMIE introduced audio processing, dynamic content and ad insertion to its suite of podcast hosting, analytics & distribution tools with the release of its Audio Mastering & Integration Engine, aka “AMIE”.

Captivate’s Audio Mastering & Integration Engine (AMIE) is built for both smaller independent podcasters whilst providing larger, advertising-centric podcasters & brands the enterprise-level tools that they need to run successful ad campaigns.

Featuring dynamic content insertion at its core, AMIE allows for much more than dynamic ads and has been designed with Captivate’s mission – to help podcasters to grow their listenership, audio influence and brand – in mind.

“Dynamic ad insertion sounds so complex,” says Mark Asquith, CEO of Captivate, “but there’s really no need for it to be reserved for podcast power-users, advertisers and brands.”

“When conceptualizing AMIE, we realized the whilst smaller, independent podcasters make up the vast majority of the podcasting space, they’re often the ones feeling left out of the ‘advanced’ technology that is available to larger shows, networks and brands.

“That’s why we designed AMIE to not only provide the ad insertion technology that can be expected from a world-class podcast hosting platform but to allow smaller shows to benefit from growth opportunities via trailer-swap capabilities, repeatable snippet insertion, automatic episode cross-promotion, split testing options and more. AMIE truly is dynamic content insertion technology for every podcaster.”

As well as providing dynamic content opportunities, AMIE also features a proprietary audio processing and mastering engine, allowing podcasters the chance to optimize their audio easily and quickly.

AMIE is in private beta and will be released publicly over the next few months.