Luminary Expands Service to the Nordic Region

Luminary, a subscription podcast network, announced that it is expanding service to four new countries, bringing its original content to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland listeners for the first time. This move will substantially grow the number of international locations where Luminary is offered (currently CA, UK, AU, SA, IE, and NZ) and expand its reach to 27 million residents in the Nordic region.

“We are proud to offer Luminary’s original content from our talented creators to the Nordics, where podcast listenership continues to rapidly grow and ranks among the highest in the world,” said Luminary CEO Simon Sutton.

The Nordic region is among the top 15 countries of podcast consumers according to Reuters Digital News Report – 35% of Sweden residents listen to podcasts (ranked #4 and tied with the U.S.), as do 31% of residents in Norway, 26% in Finland, and 24% in Denmark. According to Forbes, Sweden actually has more podcast listeners per capita than the U.S., and The Digital News Report indicates that more than 50% of Sweden residents under the age of 35 have listened to a podcast.

Since launching in April of 2019, Luminary’s podcast content has had a strong positive reaction from critics and listeners, as Luminary creators were honored with 2019 Podcast of the Year Awards from AdWeek and named in 2019 “best podcasts” and “best podcast episodes” lists by The Atlantic, Time, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Marie Claire, IndieWire, O The Oprah Magazine, Esquire, Vulture, The AV Club and Good Housekeeping.

These moves are also part of Luminary’s continued growth and evolution in the dynamic podcast market, where in the United States, 90 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last 30 days according to Edison Research and Triton Digital.