Audible has a Podcast Development Program

Audible announced the Audible Podcast Development Program. Those who are eligible could get $10,000 to develop their podcast with Audible and reach millions of passionate listeners with the Audible Podcast Development Program.

You can apply through the Audible website. To be considered, applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on 1/18/21.

Share your inventive, immersive, and wholly original idea. We’re exclusively looking for podcasts with an episodic format and a narrative arc (i.e., a beginning, middle, and end…though not necessarily in that order). We’re seeking a diversity not only of genres – from scripted fiction and comedy, to drama, documentary, and investigative journalism – but of perspectives, cultures, regions, and identities. While we do enjoy conversational shows and hosted interviews, we’re currently accepting submissions for narrative podcasts only.

If your project is selected and meets Audible’s eligibility criteria, Audible will:

  • Award you a 10K commissioning fee to develop your idea into a fully produced podcast pilot or program
  • Cover production costs
  • Provide editorial and script guidance, as well as production and casting expertise
  • Give you the use of Audible’s state-of-the-art production equipment and resources
  • Facilitate mentorship and peer networking opportunities
  • Release your podcast to millions of Audible listeners

Those who are interested in submitting a podcast to the Audible Podcast Development Program should read through the Frequently Asked Questions posted on their website. One important thing to know is that the Program is focused on new ideas and programs that are not (and have not been) publicly available through any service, platform or other channel. This means you cannot submit a podcast that has already been released publicly.