Spotify Announced 2020 Podcast Hall of Fame

Spotify released a playlist titled: “2020 Podcast Hall of Fame”. It includes hand-picked episodes showcasing the best of 2020. Those who have a Spotify account can listen to as many of the selected episodes as they choose.

It is not possible to listen to them on Spotify if you do not have a Spotify account. However, you can find these episodes by using your favorite search engine.

The 2020 Podcast Hall of Fame list includes:

  • Reply All #158 The Case of the Missing Hit – Gimlet (released March 5)
  • Code Switch A Decade of Watching Black People Die – NPR (released May 31)
  • California Love Ellie – LAist Studios (August 13)
  • VENT Documentaries #3 Why Does Everyone Call Me Carlos? – VICE UK (released May 11)
  • Resistance Shake the Room – Gimlet (released October 21)
  • All the Smoke E11: KOBE BRYANT – The Black Effect and iHeartRadio (released January 9)
  • 99% Invisible Perfume: Articles of Interest #9 – Roman Mars (released July 17)
  • Lolita Podcast 1: Dolores, Not Lolita – iHeartRadio (released November 23)
  • The Renner Files The Jeremy Renner App Lives – Caroline Goldfarb & Sarah Ramos (released October 21)
  • Edge of Sports NFL Pro Bowler Michael Bennet on the Power of Protest – Dave Zirin.The Nation (released July 6)
  • NATAL Three: Mikah and Cecilia’s Stories – The Woodshaw, You Had Me at Black (released May 20)
  • The Queer Arabs Episode 114 [In English], part 1: It’s Time To Let Classical Music Die – Alia, Ellie, Ahmed, Nadia and Adam (released July 17)
  • Unpack ‘n Bounce Back Friendship – Reyna Biddy & Skye Townsend (released July 13)
  • Reveal American Rehab Chapter 1: A Desperate Call – The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX 9 (released July 4)
  • Cool Mules DOs and DON’Ts – CANADALAND (released March 23)
  • Jemele Hill is Unbothered Ep 103: GABRIELLE UNION – The Chip in the Cookie – Spotify Studios (released July 27)
  • Outside/In Ginkgo Love – New Hampshire Public Radio / Panoply (released July 2)
  • WTF with Marc Maron Podcast Remembering Lynn Shelton – Marc Maron (released May 18)
  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain – Failure – Emma Chamberlain and Ramble (released February 20)
  • The Daily The Sunday Read: ‘Closing the Restaurant That Was My Life for 20 Years – The New York Times (released April 26)
  • The Cut Emily Ratajkowski Wants Her Pictures Back – Vox Media Podcast Network (released September 26)
  • Office Ladies – Casino Night w/ John Krasinski – Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (released May 13)
  • The Ringer – Doc Rivers on Player Empowerment, Growing Up the Son of a Chicago Cop, Where Our Country is Going, and the NBA’s Return – Flying Coach With Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll (released June 16)
  • Richard’s Famous Food Podcast #15: Welcome To Richard’s Famous LA Food Podcast – Richard Parks III (released July 1)
  • Call Her Daddy 92 MILEY CYRUS – Barstool Sports (released August 14)