Buzzsprout Announced Dynamic Content for all Buzzsprout Accounts

Buzzsprout announced their Dynamic Content tool that gives Buzzsprout podcasters more control over their episodes. The tool is intended to extend the life of evergreen podcast episodes. Buzzsprout’s Dynamic Content tool (DC) lets podcasters add and remove short pre-roll (intros) and post-roll (outros) to – or from – their content. Users can add updated content retroactively applying changes to all existing content.

To clarify how that works, Buzzsprout provided an example:

Let’s say you have an online course to promote in your pre-roll but don’t want to manually edit and re-publish individual episodes.

Using Dynamic Content, you can apply the pre-roll message to your whole catalog straight from your dashboard, saving time and giving you more flexibility in how you manage your podcast episodes.

Buzzsprout’s Dynamic Content (DC) tool is different from Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) in two ways:

While DAI swaps ads or sponsorships in episodes by targeting them at specific people or groups, Buzzsprout created their tool without these features letting podcasters stay in charge of their content without sacrificing the privacy of listeners.

Buzzsprout worked as effectively as possible to efficiently create this high-bandwidth feature without raising prices. Ultimately, they were able to create a tool that’s both valuable and available to all Buzzsprout users regardless of plan.

You can use the Dynamic Content feature to: thank a sponsor, announce an upcoming event (live or virtual), send a holiday greeting, thank your supporters at the end of your episode (patrons), promote a giveaway, let people know about your Facebook Group, Instagram Page, etc., or cross-promote other podcasts.