Blubrry Podcasting Releases Tracking as Part of Advanced Statistics

Blubrry Podcasting – already renowned for its reliable, IAB certified compliant statistics – has recently released play tracking as part of its Advanced Statistics. Available exclusively to Blubrry hosting podcasters, creators can subscribe to gain additional details on listener retention.

Podcasters who suspect their audience is skipping over certain parts of their episodes will benefit from this new feature, especially shows featuring advertisements. Those already using Advanced Stats will find a new category in the Stats section. Those not using Blubrry’s Advanced Stats feature can learn more here.

“By providing tools for podcasters to use, we’re able to collect anonymized, GDPR compliant detailed play tracking data from our web based podcast player,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “We can easily present this data to podcasters while maintaining absolute listener privacy. Giving creators details – such as if listeners are consistently skipping over a certain segment – can lead them to make significant improvements to their show.”

Play tracking data comes from listening via the Blubrry-provided podcast audio player. Additionally, Blubrry has developed an API tha allows third parties to integrate and provide anonymized play data via mobile apps, and other web-based playback applications.

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