Podcast Day 24 – A Global Podcast Conference

The British Podcast Awards has teamed up with Radiodays Europe to work together on the biggest European podcasting conference – Podcast Day. The event, newly rebranded Podcast Day 24, will be the first 24-hour online conference with speakers from Australia, Europe and North America. Delegates will be able to watch the event in real-time and catch-up on sessions afterwards.

The event builds on the success of Radiodays Europe’s Podcast Day, which started in Copenhagen in 2017, before moving to London in 2019. In 2020, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the event evolved into Podcast Day Online, and reached its largest number of delegates so far.

Matt Deegan from the British Podcast Awards says: “Podcasting is an international medium and we know podcasters are inspired by great content from all around the world. We’ll have parts of the day anchored in Sydney, London, and North America, allowing us to reflect the three local scenes as well as share knowledge from further afield.”

Peter Neigel CEO of Radiodays Europe says: “We’re excited to work with the Podcast Awards team to super-size Podcast Day and bring it to a larger audience, in different podcast markets around the world. Podcast Day always features the best speakers from the most interesting shows, platforms, and companies, and we’re looking forward to hosting even more great stories at Podcast Day 24 event.”

Online tickets for Podcast Day 24 are priced at £99 + VAT, but are available at the reduced price of £75 + VAT until the end of February on their website. Join us for 24 hours of podcasting from around the world.