Hindenburg Offers February Webinars and Workshops

Hindenburg is offering February Webinars and Workshops as live trainings. To attend, you must sign up for the webinar or workshop that interests you.

Radio gives people from all walks of life an unprecedented opportunity to tell their stories to a global audience. What could be more relevant today than staying connected by sharing stories while we self-isolate and social distance?

Come connect with senior Hindenburg Trainers and storytellers worldwide virtually on our next free hands-on audio record, editing, and publishing live training.

Webinar: An Introduction To Audio Editing
Dates: 12th February 2021 and 13th February 2021

The Promise: Leave this Hindenburg live training equipped with a basic technical understanding of how to record, edit, and publish your audio segment.

This 1-hour Webinar will cover: recording with a single host, roundtable recording, phone interviews, news segments, features & drama

Workshop 1: Record, Edit and Publish
Date: 13th February 2021 and 25th February 2021

The Promise: Leave this hands-on 2.5-hour workshop ready and able to record, edit, and publish your audio segment. The process of creating, recording, editing, and publishing an audio narrative can seem daunting… but it doesn’t have to be!

The Format: Hindenburg senior trainers will perform and demonstrate skills. Afterward, the “class” will adjourn to virtual group tables to practice each skill.

  • Hindenburg Journalist PRO 30-day Trial
  • Student Materials
  • Hindenburg 7-day Workshop Training Trial

Workshop 2: Advanced Audio Editing
Date: 13th February 2021 and 23rd February 2021

The Promise: Leave this hands-on deep-dive workshop ready and armed with audio techniques to take your audio and production process to the next level (all puns intended).

High audio quality is key to keeping listeners engaged! Workshop 2 addresses the challenge of how to create immersive compelling audio productions through the use of “non-verbal” audio techniques.

You can find out the each Webinar or Workshop will start by looking at the start time for Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, or Berlin on the Hindenburg website. There are also three short webinars and workshops that you may also be interested in attending.