AccuRadio Will Stay on the Internet

AccuRadio, one of the two leading brands of pureplay online radio in the U.S. and featuring over 1,100 curated and personalizable channels of music, announced that it would NOT be shutting down its online streams and moving to various AM ready frequencies, as it had announced earlier.

“We appreciated the outpouring of concern from listeners who were afraid they might not live in one of the 38% of U.S., markets that would have an AccuRadio AM transmitter,” noted COO Ben Husmann. “We thought would cover almost everybody, but we have realized that some of our listeners might indeed not be in an AccuRadio AM market, nor willing to move to one.”

In AccuRadio’s original plan for its move to broadcast radio, all 1,100 of AccuRadio’s curated music channels were going to be available on the broadcast version of AccuRadio, albeit only one on any given day. “Some listeners were also dissatisfied that, given the fact that we would be cycling through, 1,100 channels, their favorite AccuRadio channel would only be available for one day every 3-1/2 years, which some listeners felt was insufficiently frequent,” Brand Manager Todd Manley noted.

The deciding factor, however, noted Senior Music Director and Social Media Manager Eric Bowden, was the realization that AM radios typically do not have a “skip” button. “We just assumed that it was a base requirement for an audio product in the modern era,” he noted.

In conclusion, CEO Kurt Hanson noted there would be no change in the AccuRadio listeners who live outside of those 38% of U.S. markets that were going have an AccuRadio AM signal could order their favorite AccuRadio channel on a set of forty 90-minute stereo cassettes. All orders received on the first of April will be promptly refunded.

2 thoughts on “AccuRadio Will Stay on the Internet

  1. Oddly enough, the announcement was for April Fool’s day, and it turned out to be a big joke. Supposedly, they hadn’t realized AM radio didn’t have a “skip” button, which everyone on earth knows.

    1. How interesting! I was unaware of that. My assumption was that it was real, and that AccuRadio’s customers were the ones complaining about the lack of a “skip” button on the radio. In general, I avoid April Fool’s jokes. This one fooled me because I saw it reported on more than one site that talks about podcasting.

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