AdsWizz New Audio Attribution Solution Delivers Results for Advertisers

AdsWizz has expanded its tools with a new attribution solution. The solution for audio allows advertisers to accurately measure the impact of their ads and maximize the effectiveness of each campaign while it is still in progress. In a study of 600 campaigns that have used AdsWizz attribution technology, advertisers saw a 4.0% average conversion rate of ad impressions, and of the campaigns tracking purchase related conversions, 82% of advertisers were able to attribute a purchase to the audio advertising campaign.

“Audio is a hugely popular industry with fast-growing listenership numbers,” said Pierre Naggar, SVP Global Demand at AdsWizz. “The launch of our attribution solution brings to the audio industry measurement access to data insights that they can plan campaigns against. We’ve made it easy for advertisers to tailor conversion metrics to best suit their campaigns goals.”

“AdWizz’s attribution solution has been instrumental in showing our clients the true value and power behind streaming radio and podcast advertising,” said Jonathan Gualotuna, Head of Programmatic at Promote, a digital marketing agency specializing in performance marketing. “By being able to accurately attribute our audio campaigns to purchases and consumers’ path to conversion, we were able to see astounding return on ad spend and provide key insights for our advertisers.”

As audio consumption has grown, it has effectively become a part of everyday life – accompanying consumers in the morning with the daily news, on their commutes, and while they exercise and cook. But during these activities, listeners do not always stop to carry out a desired action, like visiting a brand’s website to sign-up or make a purchase, even though the audio ad may have created initial awareness. The desired action often occurs on another digital device, differing from the one where the ad was heard, at a later time. This delay and device fragmentation leaves advertisers unable to accurately connect conversions to their audio ads.

AdsWizz attribution solutions now enable advertisers to see which conversions can be attributed to their audio ads. AdsWizz attribution technology is the first platform to combine cross-device ad tracking and attribution reporting in the same platform. This powerful combination allows advertiser to assess the impact of their ongoing campaigns at a granular level. The solution is able to surface performance insights and automatically recommend specific campaign adjustments for mid-flight optimization strategies. It’s like having an ad navigation system that re-routes the campaign on a successful path every time it detects blockages or delays.

The solution is available on AdsWizz AudioMatic, the audio and podcast planning and buying platform for advertisers; and AdsWizz AudioServe, the campaign management and trafficking solution for audio publishers. It is available today in all major global markets