PodcastOne Announced Global Debut of LaunchpadOne

PodcastOne announced the launch of LaunchpadOne, a free innovative podcast hosting, distribution, and monetization platform that provides an end to end podcast solution.

Starting with over 1,000 podcasts, LaunchpadOne offers creators a 360 podcasting ecosystem – a cutting-edge technology hosting platform, customizable design elements, a podcast player, distribution tools to publish on all major listening apps including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast and Pocket Casts and others, and a deep network of shows.

The platform’s robust technology, promotion, and monetization opportunities will allow podcast creators to leverage unique opportunities from PodcastOne, such as the ability to accumulate new listeners, get discovered, and collaborate with the established podcast network.

Some of the key features now available to creators on LaunchpadOne include:

Ad Revenue: Keep 100% of all advertising revenue that the podcast sells, including embedded live reads and pre-recorded ads.

Custom Hosting Network: Collaborate with LaunchpadOne to develop a branded, white-labeled platform to host your own network of shows, a flexible solution for everyone from upstart podcast producers to enterprise-level companies.

Customizable Players: Customize the embeddable podcast player to match your website or branding through the use of the new custom player tool in the CMS or through CSS Style Sheets.

Podcast Directory: Help a new audience discover your podcast in PodcastOne’s robust Podcast Directory.

Enhanced Reporting: Industry-standard IAB metrics and easy to read visuals. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and custom breakouts to track podcast performances.

Donations: For the first time, LaunchpadOne podcasters will be able to connect a PayPal account and receive donations from listeners through LaunchpadOne. Terms and fees apply.

Apple Reviews: Import your Apple Podcast reviews and ratings directly into your LaunchpadOne dashboard.

Learning Center: Launchpad Learn is a new blog center available to everyone that will host articles and content around podcasting best practices, trends, and helpful instructions. New content will be posted consistently and provide insight from industry experts.

Ongoing Feature Enhancements:
Continued development and platform updates to match the rapid growth of podcasting industry including planned additions to monetization tools, subscription features, automated transcriptions, editing software integration and more.

The Verge reported some clarification. PodcastOne can insert two ads into any show that hosts on its platform. These ads are sold through PodcastOne’s team, and the company said it retains 100 percent of revenue “in order to keep hosting free”.

For PayPal donations, PodcastOne retains a 4 percent service fee, with 95 percent of donations going to the podcaster. The revenue from any ads the podcaster sells, records, and embeds themselves will be fully kept by the podcaster.