Blake Thompson Named Executive President of Ramsey Network

After nine years at the helm of Ramsey Network, Brian Mayfield has accepted a new role at Ramsey Solutions, creating the opportunity for broadcast veteran Blake Thompson to step into the role as the network’s executive vice president.

Thompson is no stranger to the industry. He began his career as Dave Ramsey’s first producer in 1996. As EVP, in addition to serving on the Ramsey Solutions Operating Board, Thompson will be responsible for distribution and content development of all programs and platforms for The Ramsey Network. That includes The Ramsey Show, The Dr. Delony Show, The Ken Coleman Show, The Christy Wright Show, The Rachel Cruze Show, EntreLeadership, as well as new feature podcast productions such as The Fine Print, Everyday Millionaires, Ramsey Call of the Day, and Work Matters with Ken Coleman podcasts, and the newly released documentary Borrowed Future.

“I look forward to this new opportunity to serve our listeners and viewers with programming that brings hope,” said Thompson. “Brian has done a stellar job leading the Ramsey Network, and I look forward to continuing to partner with him in his new role.”

As EVP of Strategic Alliances under Ramsey’s newest brand, Ramsey Trusted, Mayfield will continue to serve on the Ramsey Solutions Operating Board. He will also lead the team responsible for overseeing the more than 5,000 relationships comprised of national advertisers and the endorsed local provider network.

“It’s been an absolute honor serving as EVP of Ramsey Network,” said Mayfield. “I have been blessed to make a lot of friends in the industry as well as experience the development and tremendous growth into what Ramsey Network is today. I can’t wait to see where Blake takes it with his expertise in content development. I’m equally excited to continue my journey with Ramsey Solutions as part of the development of this new brand within our organization.”