New Jersey Web Fest Seeks Submissions of Fiction Podcasts

New Jersey Web Festival has expanded its offerings to include the wonderful world of fiction podcasts! Submissions from all over the world, and from every genre, are welcome. Quality is the only criteria: we want to showcase the very best!

This year, New Jersey Web Festival is accepting both serialized and episodic fiction podcasts, including stand-alone fictional stories, anthologies, and pilots so that everyone can have a chance to #FeelTheMagic!

You can submit an individual episode, a section of an episode, or a custom-made “highlight reel” from across your show. Whatever you would like to submit is fair game. New Jersey Web Festival requires all submitted podcasts to have an RSS feed available to distribute their full show separate from their submission. This RSS feed can be hosted publicly or privately, and “full show” can be defined as a single episode.

Submissions are Open!

Submission fees increase the longer you wait. Submit early to save $!

$45 – Submit by January 12, 2022 – Earlybird Deadline
$55 – Submit by March 16, 2022 – Regular Deadline
$65 – Submit by June 12, 2022 – Late and Final Deadline

New Jersey Web Fest will announce the acceptances on or by August 1, 2022 live on Facebook and Instagram. They will post the list shortly after. Event Date: September 22-25, 2022.