Dino Sofos Announces Production Company Persephonica

Dino Sofos, the producer behind several of the BBC’s most successful podcasts, announced the launch of his own talent production company. Persephonica will work with some of the biggest international talent and organizations to create habit building podcasts that entertain audiences across the world.

Dino’s format, including Brexitcast and Americast, have innovated in this medium and amassed over 85 million downloads in four years. His podcast have responded to an audience demand for topical information, delivered in depth and served with warmth and humor.

He has brought some of the most high-profile and respected journalists with him into the podcasting space, including Emily Maltis, Laura Kuenssberg, and Jon Sopel. He will continue to work with leading international talent to create a range of new podcast formats in different genres in 2022.

Speaking at the Radio Festival, where Dino announced the launch, he said, “There has never been a more exciting time to be producing audio, but it’s a crowded market, and many podcast are failing to cut through. Persephonica will continue the work I’ve seen done on titles like Brexitcast and Americast, creating habit-forming audio, delivered in depth and served with warmth. We will work with the best talent to develop innovative formats, whilst putting quality production values front and center of everything we do.”

Persephonica will launch original titles published on their network, and will partner with established media organizations and talent to produce new podcasts. They will also offer audio consultancy.