Whooshkaa is Joining the Spotify Family

Whooshkaa announced that the company has joined the Spotify family. Founder and CEO Rob Loewenthal posted information about it in a blog post on Whooshkaa’s website.

Australian podcasters, we’ve come a long way together. And from today, it all just gets bigger, better, and more exciting.

Global digital audio leader Spotify has talent-spotted Whooshkaa’s world-class technology and made our business and team its first Australian acquisition. With more than 381 million monthly listeners and recently surpassing €1 billion in ad revenue this year, Spotify throws open the window of opportunity for Whooshkaa’s innovative team.

Since 2016, we’re worked hard alongside countless Aussie podcasters to build and re-imaging the future of digital audio. No false modesty here – I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built with Whooshkaa. In five years we’ve grown, learned, pivoted, and innovated. Our current team is nothing short of astounding.

We’ve worked long days, nights, and weekends, with talented individuals, businesses, schools, and media organizations to drive podcasting in Australia, with many high points along the way. Hedley Thomas’s The Teacher’s Pet for example, launched on Whooshkaa in 2018, has been downloaded more than 60 million times worldwide.

We’ve led the way on text-to-speech, speech-to-text, connected home integration, ad technology with dynamic insertion for all, enterprise grade private podcasting tools and more. Sport, comedy, business, crime, conversation, education, music, current affairs – Whooshkaa has welcomed and supported all.

Proud as we are of our laurels, we’re not resting on them. Our business is thriving. And by adding the power and vision of Spotify, we can propel the industry-leading tech and service you know and love to even greater heights.

Thank you to all who played a part in our last five years. The best is yet to come.