PodInbox Launches Monetization Feature

PodInbox released their monetization feature, letting podcasters receive fan donations right on their PodInbox show page.

While there exists a handful of creator economy tools for general creators, PodInbox hopes to be the one tool podcasters choose to both engage and monetize their fans. As podcasters ask their fans to leave audio messages on their PodInbox page, they can now also ask them to leave a donation.

Why It’s Different

“As a new entrant into the creator economy space, we looked at the current options, like Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee… and we saw an opportunity for another fresh perspective…” says PodInbox founder Pat Cheung.

“For those existing options, they’re either appealing to an e-commerce subscription model ,or just a standard flat gift model. There’s no reason for a fan to visit those creator pages, unless they’re ready to make a purchase or donation.

With PodInbox, we always out fan engagement first… then we give fans the opportunity to give their support. It’s a subtle, but important difference. We also gamify our experience just enough, so it’s be compelling and fun for both the podcaster and their fans.

We love this new feature cause we know how validating it is for podcasters to monetize…and we want to help in that journey.”

What’s Ahead

Today, you can already sign up for a PodInbox account, setup your page, and start receiving audio messages and fan donations. Over the next couple months, we’ll be rolling out more monetizations enhancements, including:
Message Tipping

  • Reward Levels
  • Recurring Donations
  • PodInbox’s mission is to help podcasters engage and monetize their fans.