Blubrry Introduces New Podcast Statistics Interface

Blubrry Podcasting has introduced the most significant update in its history to the Blubrry Statistics platform with new features. The goal from the beginning has been to enhance the podcaster’s insights to analyze show growth and listener retention.

This update is the first of many updates they have planned for the Podcast Statistics system with new features to be introduced over the coming months. Blubrry Podcasting has provided accurate statistics since 2007 and led the way in setting the current measurement standards.

The Blubrry team has revolutionized podcast stats to improve user experiences, provide robust analytical tools – such as better graphs, charts, tables – and insights that are more advanced.

What’s New?

  • Listenership trends
  • Retention data
  • Impactful data
  • Updated charts and graphs
  • Simplified data

Data is displayed in four main categories:

  • Retention
  • Trends
  • Geolocation
  • Apps and Devices

Listenership Trends: With insights such as total listens, number of listens today, and number of listens in the past 30 days, podcasters can examine their show performance and gain an insight of listenership.

Navigation has been simplified, along with the ability to set date ranges quickly with the same view of data down to the episode level viewed at your preference.

Retention Data

The retention data chart is one of the most exciting innovations Blubrry Podcasting has developed. If you want to know whether listeners are sticking around for your whole episode or just part of it, you will love this new chart.

The chart includes:

Impactful Plays: Is defined from a significant portion (75% to 100%) of the episode that was downloaded or played.

Average Listen Length: This is derived from the average listen length of partially played content.

Completely Downloaded: An excellent representation fully delivered media files and insight into the total number of followers or subscribers your show/episodes have.

Visit Blubrry’s Podcast Insider blog to learn more about the new Podcast Statistics Interface.