Podigee Releases an Enterprise-Grade Roles and Permission System

Podigee, the podcast hosting & analytics provider, has built a powerful extension to its podcast CMS called “Roles & Rights Management”, that allows organizations of certain size to manage the individual roles and editing permissions of their employees and contractors.

“Think of how costly certain mistakes can be. Especially if you are monetizing your content or running a large podcast organization,” explains Mateusz Sojka, co-founder and CEO at Podigee. And adds, “You want to be a 100% sure that only the people with sufficient permissions can actually make certain changes to the content, like deleting episodes or changing the publishing schedule.”

There is a raising concern of accidental mistakes (or intentional attacks) in the management of podcast content which can now be prevented by using the Podigee enterprise-grade CMS for podcasts.

The feature also targets those organizations who care about GDPR and data security. By making sure each user only gets the lowest required permissions to do their work, companies can make sure to stay on the safe side of legal compliance and avoid liability issues.

Mr. Sojka finally explains, “If you are concerned about data security or if you monetize your content, this feature is a must.”