Podigee Releases a Fully-Integrated User-Friendly Dynamic Ad Server

Podigee, the podcast hosting & analytics provider, has released a fully-integrated, user-friendly dynamic ad server. It allows podcast publishers to put dynamic ads in their podcasts, straight from the Podigee interface.

Dynamic ad insertion is key for podcasters and publishers who want or need to effectively monetize the reach of their content. By dynamically adding and replacing ads, podcasters can leverage their entire back catalog of content, quickly replacing ads and sponsored messages.

For larger publishers, dynamic ads can also be used as a means of cross-promoting other podcast content.

The ad server is powered by technology developed completely in-house by Podigee. Benjamin Zimmer, CTO at Podigee, states “All you need is a podcast and an ad. Podigee will take care of the rest. It works like magic.”

The revolutionary aspect of the solution is that the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server is going to be available to podcasters in all shapes and sizes. From independents up to large media enterprises, anyone can now benefit from the power of dynamic ad insertion at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad servers.

“We designed the user interface and experience with simplicity in mind,” explains Mateusz Sojka, CEO and Chief Product Officer at Podigee, and adds, “With Podigee, you get everything you need to be successful with your podcasts. With our Dynamic Ad Server you can upload, distribute, analyze and monetize your podcasts without leaving Podigee, all in one place. Pre-roll, post-roll, mid-roll, impression analytics. You name it. This is definitely our biggest single release to date.”

Dynamic ad insertion is currently available to a select group of customers. Starting in March, Podigee will slowly roll it out to a broader audience.