Libsyn Encourages Women’s Podcasting Movement and #ClaimPodParity

This year’s International Women’s Day hashtag is #BreakTheBias. Libsyn is adding another hashtag #ClaimPodParity. The company encourages women to join the women’s podcasting movement.

There are three topics that Libsyn is focusing on:


Podcasting is a rapidly growing and changing industry. What used to be a male-dominated enterprise is no longer and women podcasting experts are driving this cultural shift. Women are now essential to innovating podcasting in exciting and critical ways. They are fundamental in bringing awareness to the talent and expertise of those historically excluded.


As part of this grassroots campaign, some of the top women podcasting experts, leaders and bosses are coming together to amplify each other and take up space.

It starts with the hashtag #ClaimPodParity. Keep and eye on social as the collective voices, take collective action – their way. Our incredible campaign partners are featuring powerful playlists with some of the brightest educators and creators in podcasting. And mid-month is the “She Podcasts: State of Podcasting” event, a fitting cornerstone for this revolutionary movement. This is just the beginning.

Support the Movement

Join with Libsyn to amplify the equity movement as they showcase an incredible slate of women in podcasting under the powerful canopy: #ClaimPodParity.

Look for posts, blogs, tweets, and more as we grow louder, bolder, and brighter. Share, retweet, and add your own to the collective to keep the movement strong! How can you be a part? Please use and follow this hashtag, and share with your communities: #ClaimPodParity.

In addition, you can share with Libsyn how you’re participating in the campaign. Send your stories, podcasts, videos (where it starts, where it lands, the journey and thinking in between) to Elsie Escobar. The goal is to help Libsyn gather and disperse tales that ignite the power of this movement to claim pod parity!

Later this month, Libsyn will have a “She Podcasts State of Podcasting” event. You can register for this event here. The event will take place on March 17, 2022.

Panelists include:

  • Twila Dang, Co-host, Small Change & Founder & CEO, Matriarch Digital Media
  • Jessica Kupferman, Co-founder and CEO, She Podcasts
  • Julekya Lantigua, Founder & CEO of Award-Winning LWC Digital Media Studios
  • Kristen Meinzer, Award-Winning Podcaster & Author.
  • JJ Ramberg, Co-Founder of Goodpods
  • Christina Moore, Founder of Don’t Skip Media