Radiodays Europe 2022 Adds a Podcast Summit in Malmö

Radiodays Europe 2022 is pleased to announce our new Podcast Summit in Partnership with Acast and supported by our sister organization Podcast Day 24. This year we have the full Sunday afternoon dedicated to Podcasting along with sessions running in the main programme.

The Podcast Summit is moderated by James Cridland, Editor, Podnews, a person for all podcast occasions! If you’re a podcaster you want to join this Summit!

Programme & Speakers

Developing a new show

Podcasts allow you to try something different: but what’s the best way to plan a new show? How do you get the format right, choose the right hosts, and get the most out of it? Speaking in this session Julie Shapiro (PRX, USA) & Lory Martinez (Studio Ochenta, France).

Making Podcasts Pay

What options are there to earn revenue from podcasting? Does all podcast ads need to sound like radio advertising; and how flexible can they be? The two headliners of this mega session are Rob Greenlee (Libsyn’s Advertise Cast, USA) & Daniella Murphy (Acast Creative Director, UK).

Designing your podcast to be a success

What is the best way to make a successful podcast? This session looks at the data of successful shows. What makes them successful and how can you emulate that success?

Bringing the research to this session Tom Webster (VP, Edison Research’s Podcast Consumer Survey, USA) & Rasmus Kidde (Audience Researcher, DR, DK)

What is next in podcasting?

What’s next for podcasting? Which content trends will become bigger? Is it still all about true crime? Will catch-up radio decline as more podcasters produce different-sounding content? Audio drama? Mental Health Podcast? Immersive audio? What does the heads of Podcasting plan for the year to come?

With more speakers to come but some awesome speakers in there right now Brian Barletta (Sounds Profitable, USA), Jessica Radburn (Head of International podcast content, Wondery, Germany), Craig Strachan (Head of Podcast Europe and ANZ, Amazon Music, UK)

To register for this Summit you must register for a full ticket for Radiodays Europe here. During registration you will then be able to ADD Podcast Summit as an event as part of your package. Price: 75 EUR + VAT.

The Podcast Summit is part of the wider programme of Radiodays Europe which includes more sessions focused on Podcasters and Podcasting. You can see the full program here.