Podcasters Unlimited Presents PODWORK The Podcast Network Conference

PODWORK is in its second year as one of the industry events that highlight, encourage and promote the growth of podcast networks. This year we will focus on all the brands, expertise, and industry support to take your network to the next level.

“We are as excited to bring back our virtual conference this year with the prime focus on establishing PODWORK as the Podcast Network Conference,” said Denese Duran, Podcasters Unlimited, Founder & CEO.

The conference will be on Saturday May 21 from 12pm-8pm EST.

PODWORK’s afternoon events are for podcasters and podcast networks. Podcasters will learn how podcast networks establish relationships with brands, expand their networks and how to become leaders in their communities. You’ll also learn about podcast networks, their collaborators and brand partners. Podcast networks will gather useful insight from their colleagues in the space and leaders of other companies they can partner with.

PODWORK’s late afternoon events are for podcasters, podcast enthusiasts, podcast network as well as current podcast network owners. Come learn from a variety of podcast network leaders about hosting sites, advertising and intellectual property. Also, learn tips and tricks on how to enhance your current podcast network by applying a variety of skills. Lastly, podcasters will have podcast networks showcase their new content.

Tickets can be purchased at www.podworkconference.com. Early Bird tickets are $62.50 until April 21st and $125 thereafter until 24 hours before the conference.

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