PodcastOne Partners with Adori Labs For Their Pioneering YouTube Tech

Adori Labs, a leading interactive audio platform and PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveOne announced that they have entered into an agreement that allows the podcast network and its roster of top performing hosts to integrate unique visual elements into the podcast they produce and distribute via YouTube becoming the first podcast network to utilize Adori’s pioneering interface technology.

Adori’s unique YouTube integration technology allows podcast hosts to seamlessly import episodes from RSS feeds, enhance them with visual elements, and upload enriched assets directly to YouTube, Adori’s patented technology embeds contextual visuals, multi-format ads, AR experiences, buy buttons, polls, and other “call to action” features in the audio stream.

This creates a more enhanced and richer listening experience. In creating visually enhanced podcasts, Adori’s YouTube product provides additional monetization avenues for PodcastOne’s slate of original programming, increased discoverability, and SEO presence.

Adori co-founder and CEO, Nathan Iyer said, “We are excited to partner with PodcastOne, the leading advertiser-supported on demand digital audio network in the industry. Adori’s technology can help to significantly increase their revenue and audience through YouTube, the fastest growing podcast listening platform in the world.”

With over 500 episodes of The Steve Austin Show available via PodcastOne, the streamer’s reinvention of classic episodes utilizing Adori technology has introduced the much-followed wrestling podcast to legions of new fans. Melissa Gorga On Display, a fan favorite of BravoPhilies introduced new weekly episodes with exclusive content from Gorga to augment the show. Barely Famous, a newly launched podcast from Teen Mom to Mogul Kail Lowry, continues to see rapid growth in download numbers and expects to launch Adori enhanced YouTube content in the coming weeks.

“At PodcastOne we continually search for avenues that allow our hosts to be more engaged with listeners, to offer unique experiences for our audiences and to create interactive environments that boost download numbers and attract new fans. Captivated audiences secure long-term success both for our hosts and for our advertisers,” said Jim Ballas, Chief Technology Officer for PodcastOne.

PodcastOne is the first podcast network to utilize Adori’s YouTube interface, joining Adori’s global customers including leading content creators, publishers, and networks.