Podcast Freelancer Hub Is A Matchmaker For Podcast Freelancers

For a long time, getting clients has been a tough job for most podcast freelancers, despite their obvious skills and talents. Without a dedicated platform for the same, most podcast freelancers and their clients looking for these freelancers have been left in limbo creating a glaring gap between them.

Podcast FreeLancer Hub is a membership-based lead generation marketplace that is set to address this imbalance and connect podcast freelancers with clients looking for freelancers.

Its creator, Mike Santos, was quoted saying. “One of the things that podcast freelancer hub does differently is that we don’t act as a middleman in the sense that we only introduce you to clients. So whenever a client visits your profile page, what happens is that they just fill out all of the contact information, and what we’ll do is just forward this information to you, and you can pick it up from there and negotiate with the client.”

He adds, “Now what that means is that you’ll be responsible for setting your own rates. And you don’t have to let us know whether you’re working with a certain client; how much you charge them is entirely up to you. As a result, the entire site is built to be a lead generation marketplace. We’ll offer a membership option once it’s completely functional.”

Described as the Tinder for Podcast freelancers, Podcast FreeLancer Hub has been gaining traction since its launch and now boasts some leading names in the podcast industry as its member. Now, interested clients can easily browse their listing page to find an available podcast service provider or list their project on the job board and let the developers introduce them to the best freelancers available to them.

With this new match-making platform, clients can now save a plethora of time finding the right podcast service providers as they will be connected to an interested podcast service provider as soon as they list their requirements on the job board.