Asian American Podcasters Association Showcases 31 AAPI Podcasts

The industry’s leading AAPI non-profit podcasting association is delighted to present 31 podcasts showcasing the work of AAPIs AND produce its second annual podcast festival during May’s Asian American Pacific Islander Month, organizers said.

The Asian American Podcasters Association has complied a list of 31 podcasts – some which are recipients of the AAP’s prestigious GOLDEN CRANE Podcast Awards – to showcase during May’s AAPI Heritage Month, co-founder Andy Wang said. There are 31 shows so folks can listen to one for each of the days in May. It is one of the few UPDATED lists of AAPI podcasts in existence. And, people can explore AAP’s podcast directly of more than 780 AAPI shows on

“We have worked for the past two awards seasons to put this list of shows together for all to recognize and check out,” Wang said. “Most are indie podcasts, and some are for-casts. They show a wide range of topics and storytelling, which illustrates the spectrum of AAPI voices.”

“We keep a running list of winners of AAP’s GOLDEN CRANE Podcast Awards on our website to highlight their work and encourage more people to listen to AAPI-run shows,” co-founder Lee Uehara said. “It’s great that has recently listed our Awards program on their “17 Podcast Awards to Keep an Eye on This Year” list this season.”

Additionally, 2022 marks AAP’s production of the world’s 2nd Annual Asian Podcast Festival, where AAPI show runners record LIVE episodes of their shows in front of an audience. For more information on the 31 AAPI podcasts for AAPI Heritage Month, please visit or email

31 AAPI podcasts for May’s AAPI Heritage Month 2022

Affirmation Pod – with Josie Ong

Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast -%

Authethnic – hosts Jen Lee and Yonsoo Kang – %

Color of Success – host Dr. Stephanie J. Wong – %

Earth Eclipsed – audio drama – %

Dear Workplace – Monica H. Kang – %

En(gender)ed -Teresa Yuan – %

Feeling Asian – Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park

Feet in 2 Worlds: A Better Life? – Feet in 2 Worlds – %

Future Hindsight – Mila Atmos – %

Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People – %

#Impact – Regina Larko

Immigrantly: Conversations on Race, Culture & The Immigrant Experience – Saadia Khan -%

King of the World – Rifelion Media – %

LAN parties: A Video Gaming and Esports Podcast – Lukas Eggen – %

Legends from the Pacific – Kamuela Kaneshiro

Let’s Have This Conversation – Dorinda Wong, Jane Chin – %

Letter to My Ex – Letter to My Ex – %

Little Mind Chats – Sienna Vikram – %

Militantly Mixed – Sharmane Fury – %

Model Minority: Uniquely American – Nidhi Shastra – %

Retire There with Gil & Gene – Gill & Gene – %

Self-Evident: Asian America’s Stories – Self Evident Media LLC – %

Scrolls & Leaves: World History Podcast – Scrolls & Leaves Podcast

% Indicates Golden Crane Podcast Award Winner for A Certain Category or Host Achievement