Exciting New Podcast Welcomes Leaders To Explore Life Sciences Innovation

Life Sciences Hub Wales has launched the latest series of Healthy Thinking – podcast This provides new perspectives from leading thinkers exploring some the most interesting and important topics impacting health and social care innovation:

How is innovation the key to delivering a healthier Wales? Eluned Morgan, Minister for Health and Social Services for Welsh Government, discusses current plans aimed at tackling challenges facing NHS Wales, such as the significant backlog of patient appointments and the need for early diagnosis of diseases like cancer.

How green is our NHS? Kathy Scott, Director of Operations and Deputy CEO of Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and AHSN Network lead for sustainability, explores the major impact the healthcare sector has on climate change and how innovation can help change this.

Do you share your health data with tech giants? Bleddyn Rees, Co-Founder of the European Connected Healthcare Alliance, speaks about the important ethical issues around the sharing of medical data and considers whether it can lead to a greater good.

Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning: how these can transform patients’ health. Dr Manish Patel, CEO of JIVA AI, discusses the far-reaching benefits of machine learning for disease screening and how this could impact the delivery of health services.

Smart technology: living healthier for longer. Carla Dix, Technology Enabled Care Prevention Strategy Manager at Delta Wellbeing, discusses how a new technology-enabled support system is helping people lead more independent lives.

How NHS Wales is using innovation to bounce back after Covid-19. Linda Prosser, Executive Director of Strategy and Transformation at Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, and its CEO, Paul Mears, envision the post-Covid-19 future of the NHS and how their health board is using an innovative solution to address the issue of the patient backing.

The English language podcast is hosted by their Chairman, Chris Martin, and Welsh language podcast by their Innovation Adoption Director, Rhodri Griffiths.

Chris Martin, Chairman at Life Sciences Hub Wales, said: “With topics including the applications and implications of public health data and how we can create climate smart healthcare, I am delighted to have hosted the Healthy Thinking podcast. All of our guests have helped to highlight some of the most exciting and impactful work across our health and social care systems in Wales and beyond.”

Each Healthy Thinking episode will be released every Tuesday for six weeks, starting from 7 June 2022, on a range of podcast hosting sites includes Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

There’s also a Welsh language podcast, Syniadau lach.