Blubrry Podcasting Introduces Podcast Media Kits

Blubrry Podcasting has introduced Podcast Media Kits. Create your own podcast media kit in minutes.

Blubrry is introducing a podcasting industry first by providing all Blubrry paid customers a podcast media kit that updates daily with information you choose to include. The kit includes data you provide, podcast statistics and audience survey results.

Podcast Media Kits can be expensive and time-consuming to put together and are always out of date as soon as you publish them. Blubrry’s media kits are refreshed daily with the newest data.

Who To Share Your Podcast Media Kit With:

  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors
  • Media writers
  • Partnership deals
  • Future guests
  • Event and speaker coordinators

The data provided in the media kit listed below includes the ability to toggle specific data points on and off, under your discretion.

Podcast Data Points:

  • Podcast website link
  • Show start date
  • Average monthly episodes published
  • Audience survey results (minimum 10 responses)
  • Number of episodes published overall
  • Monthly episodes published
  • Host bio
  • Show description
  • Social media follower count
  • Contact information.

Once you’ve completed the media kit, a public URL will be provided in its dashboard. This URL is unique and complex for search engines to index, but it is possible, especially if it’s shared on social media. Automatic updates to the media kit will be done daily, but podcaster can change/update the media kit whenever they’d like. You can find the media kit within the podcast statistics section of the dashboard.

Take a look at the Podcast Insider media kit here. Blubrry has chosen to include all of the data points that are made available. As always, Blubrry wants your feedback. They came to this version after much debate about how fancy or bare bones to make these media kits, based on how they think they would benefit the most podcasters. Blubrry knows that podcasters are eager to point out ways Blubrry can improve. So let Blubrry’s team know here and if you love the final result, share it with your audience on social.

Get started to showcase your podcast in an accurate, creative way!