LWC Studios Welcomes Rekha Murthy As Advisory Board Member

LWC Studios, an award-winning digital production studio, is pleased to welcome Rekha Murthy as an Advisory Board member. Her unique expertise in content strategy, editorial development, digital distribution, audience growth and extensive experience in developing critically acclaimed shows make Murthy a standout in the podcast industry and an invaluable asset to LWC Studios, as we continue to build meaningful content for rising-majority audiences.

She joins seasoned leaders working at the highest level of podcasting and media: Chris Colbert, Founder and CEO of DCP Entertainment, Pablo Fuentes, Founder and Principal of makepath and Lesley Lopez COO/Partner of RecKon Productions. Their expert insights help guide the company’s initiatives and the development of the studio’s slate of original narrative-driven work across podcasts, documentaries, and films.

“I heard about Rekha before I actually met her. She is brilliant, she is great to work with, she gets stuff done, she is deeply insightful about podcasting and storytelling. All true, but getting to know her and developing a friendship with her over time has been an absolute privilege, I know she will have a lasting impact on our Advisory Board,” says Julekya Langiqua, Founder and CEO of LWC Studios.

“I have been a fan and supporter of Julekya and LWC Studios since the early days. I believe deeply in LWC’s mission to make meaningful, high-quality work that highlights diverse experiences, and its essential role in the industry as a vibrant independent company. I’m delighted to play a part in advertising this special organization,” Murthy says.

Rekha Murthy is a podcast strategist who believes that podcasting is at its best when it includes a wide range of voices and lived experiences. She works with clients of all sizes – from Spotify, Crooked Media, KEXP, and BirdNote to independent creators, influencers, and journalists. Rekha is a founding team member and lead curriculum designer of Spotify’s Sound Up program for new creators, and served as Founding Governor of The Podcast Academy, home of The Ambies. She spent years at PRX + Radiotopia, NPR’s All Things Considered + NPR Online, and web and mobile startups.

Visit LWCStudios.com for more information on its work and Advisory Board.